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The Catenate

Catenate Enterprises Inc. (CEI) is a boutique consultancy firm established in 2000. Born from the vision of founder and current CEO Joseph P. Scott the company was formed to provide a parent entity that served as the springboard and incubator for Mr. Scott’s business endeavors. Over the years CEI has evolved in to a full service dynamic & multinational agency focused providing a range of services and solutions including; the marketing and sales of businesses, mergers and acquisitions, and franchises. Facilitating growth capital, business planning, product cultivation, investor and entrepreneurial development in additional to marketing strategies and vertical integration for lower middle market companies across the U.S and around the globe.  


CEI is a market-leading niche business with core competency in identifying growth opportunities for companies in a wide-range of industries.

CEI’s extensive network of investors and industry experts allows us to quickly and thoroughly assess new opportunities and construct capital solutions that match each company’s unique set of dynamics. Post-transaction, we augment a core business with a set of financial, operating and strategic resources customized for its distinctive needs.


Our Team


Joseph P. Scott, President |



Marc Steinberg, Senior Business Consultant - Germany Office| 888-526-2486


Jay Whitt, Director of Law Enforcement Business Development | 888-526-2486

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